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Psychic Medium (Intuitive)
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July 1, 2019

On July 2nd, 2019, The Total Solar Eclipse - New Moon in Cancer is in the sign of the Great Mother, offering to nurture our inner child with an opportunity to return to a place of wholeness, innocence, and our highest true self. Cancer is a water sign - water represents emotions and intense feelings.

Eclipses bring completion to that which no longer serves our highest well being and opens the path to transformation and new beginnings.

Opening great sensitivities and unearthing issues held deeply encapsulated into the womb of our energy system, release, and rejuvenation of our core essence is fully supported and encouraged with the embrace of this motherly unconditional love energy.

All of our deepest shifts and transformations come through healing the wounds of our inner child. With the supportive mother energy of this new moon, tenderness of the heart and old wounds no longer serving, can be accessed gently yet powerfully, as this divine mother energy reassures with her loving embrace.


December 21, 2018

A full Moon and an Ursid meteor shower will accompany this year's winter solstice. This year's solstice will occur at approximately 5:23 ET on Dec 21st, 2018.

The annual winter solstice brings us the shortest day and longest night of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. It occurs when one of the Earth's poles has its maximum tilt away from the Sun and lasts for just a moment. The Southern Hemisphere will experience the opposite, with the longest day and shortest night. Most of the customs, folklore, and rituals associated with the western holiday of "Christmas" are linked to Winter Solstice celebrations of ancient Pagan cultures.

On Dec. 22nd, (one day after the winter solstice) the full Moon arrives. Known as the "Cold Moon", it's fullest peak is at 12:49 p.m. ET

The last time a full moon coincided with the winter solstice was in 2010 and it's not expected to join the solstice again until 2094, according to NASA. So basically for many, it will be the last time in our lifetime that the f...

August 10, 2018

In this interview, Dr Wu Dhi and I discussed opening the heart in relation to Chinese medicine, medical Qi Gong, and the body, mind and spirit, along with ident

March 14, 2018

23 March 2018 (Aries) - 16 April 2018 (Aries)

26 July 2018 (Leo) - 19 August 2018 (Leo)

17 November (Sagittarius) - 7 December 2018 (Scorpio)

March 14, 2018

Have you been off track for so long that you don’t even know what it feels like to feel good, feel vibrant, healthy, balanced, in tune with your emotions and wellness, and in alignment? Collective consciousness (society) rewards those who go above and beyond, but there is a point where each of us needs to rest and rejuvenate in order to balance our energy system.

How do you know if you are out of alignment?

Here are a few tell-tale signs...

1) Work comes first (priorities causing imbalance over time)

You frequently ignore your need for rest, food, exercise and other self-care practices.

2) Out of touch with internal higher guidance

You ignore your intuition and forge ahead anyway even when your gut says no.

3) Staying distracted (from self)

You are constantly around others and don't take time alone to reflect or process your own emotions.

4) Putting others first sacrificing your own needs

You are always doing for others and do not take adequate time to nurture yourself. (fear you'll disappoint...

August 16, 2017

Total Solar Eclipse 2017.  Monday, Aug 21st, 2017

This is the 1st Total Solar Eclipse in 38 Years, where most North Americans Will Be Able To See Totality. Parts of 14 American States Will Go Dark, and it will only be visible in other countries as a partial eclipse. A Once-In-A-Lifetime Event.

How to view the Eclipse Safely

PLEASE DO NOT STARE DIRECTLY AT THE SUN. Do not look directly at the sun for any length of time, for any reason. No, not even a glimpse. Technically, you can look at the sun without eye protection at the exact moment(s) of totality, but be VERY, VERY CAREFUL. The sun emits photons that are energetic enough to damage human eyes, so please look skyward only if you’re wearing proper eye protection (Regular sunglasses do not count).

In Tampa Florida,
1:17 pm Partial Eclipse begins
2:49 pm Maximum Eclipse
4:14 pm Partial Eclipse Ends

Find out what time eclipse is in your city

August 14, 2017

I have grown to love mercury retrogrades...I am ruled by mercury, and feel great depths of opportunity during a retrograde welcoming me towards introspection and expansion. Over the years I have learned to apply the positives of Mercury retrograde and remain mindful of mercurial cheekiness.

In 2017 Mercury retrogrades 4 times. In this new 9 year cycle, new people, circumstances or situations may enter, influencing our lives for the next nine years. Emotional, spiritual growth can reach new levels of expansion. Transformation and transmutation of that which is no longer needed can take place with Mercury's support. This year Mercury retrogrades in earth signs and finances often play a big role in both the issue and the solution when Mercury retrogrades in earth signs.

Tip during this time: Stay grounded and practical with time and money.

What to do when Mercury is retrograde

Retrogrades are often an intense time for many. Mercury the planet of communication goes retrograde and takes 3 weeks...

May 10, 2017

Tonight is a Full Moon in Scorpio. In the Buddhist tradition, It's called the Vesak moon, the most powerful & transformative full moon of the year. Vesak is celebrated as Buddha's birthday. Buddha is the expression of the Wisdom of God, the embodiment of light and the indicator of divine purpose.

The May 2017 Wesak Full Moon theme is Compassion & Kindness – awakening to something greater than you through your Heart. It is the Full Moon of Good Fortune and a new cycle of creative expansion and sumptuous self-expression. Now is the time to play more! Let your inner-child passionately express your heart and run wild and free.

The Moon represents our needs and what surfaces under a Scorpio Moon is connection – a soulful, deep, intimate, powerful connection to another. Sometimes in seeking love, because of un-met needs and unresolved emotions, we can give away our power, leading to dysfunctional connections. Scorpios ruler Pluto, supports us to look within at the areas where you may not be ex...

May 4, 2017

January 12th       Full Wolf Moon             6:34 am

February 10th    Full Snow Moon            7:33 pm

March 12th         Full Worm Moon          10:54 am

April 11th            Full Pink Moon              2:08 am

May 10th             Full Flower Moon          5:42 pm

June 9th              Full Strawberry Moon   9:10 am

July 9th                Full Buck Moon             12:07 am

August 7th          Full Sturgeon Moon      2:11 pm

September 6th   Full Corn Moon             3:03 am

October 5th        Full Harvest Moon        2:40 pm

November 4th    Full Beaver Moon         1:23 a...

May 4, 2017

Prayer for Peace and Forgiveness.

The present time is a test of our focus and faith. Focus; staying connected with the part ourselves that has compassion and forgiveness. The part that can see the gifts in adversity and not get entangled in the negative aspects of life. Our power and alignment come from seeking thoughts and activities that bring us and others around us joy. Anything other than this diminishes our light. Peace is cultivated from within and is not based on the external. Even in peaceful times, many people experience anything but peace within their own soul, fueled by internal struggles of the mind and emotions.

As the very nature of this life is to present contrast for our expansion and transformation, there is ever-present an element of yin and yang, peace and conflict, within and without. Without conflict we wouldn't strive for solutions, expansion through adversity or overcoming limitations that bring us to new levels. Being at peace within the existing conflict is the...

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March 3, 2017

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