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(3 sessions) 1 month expiry



    Your Own Personalized Epigenetic Health Program Package

    $699.00 Regular Price
    $680.00Sale Price

      Once your health type is assessed you will receive an individualized platform personalized just for you. 

      We can now decipher your Personal Health Code which is you body’s way of telling you exactly which factors your body needs in everyday life, like which foods and when to eat, how to exercise, what time to do your activities and how to release stress all to maintain a state of health.

      (3 sessions) 1 month expiry

      What is included:

      ♥ Initial 90 minute Personalized Health Consultation, including measuring and review of your results

      ♥ 12 months access to your personalized health platform (based on scientific calculations of your

      gene expression)

      ♥ Two 60 minute in-person or zoom consultations to help with achieving your goals
      and accountability

      ♥ Additional information and support from me about your health type

      ♥ Unlimited measurements and profile updates

      ♥ Continued support from me via messaging or calling for duration of coaching

      ♥ $595 USD including everything above

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