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purple dragonfly on stem

"Awaken the love that stirs within"

"Remember your divine light"

            "You are Love"

"More Love, More Fun, More Play"

"Shine your divine light"

Eluv Playing Crystal Singing Bowls
Eluv holding Shanti bunny
Eluv Soul Whisperer
Psychic Medium (Intuitive) &
Channeler (Spirit Communicator)
Meet Eluv & Shanti Bunny

Welcome and blessings,


My name is Eluv and pictured left is Shanti bunny.


I work with both animals and people, utilizing a variety of modalities. I love what I do and feel blessed and excited to share with others the journey of light, healing the soul, body, mind, and spirit. 


Shanti bunny is a "Velveteen" rabbit. Her breed is a Mini Rex. She has been exposed to thousands of hours of chanting, singing, sound healing, and spiritual practices...She is a heart opener who often sends heart healing during a session. She is a very happy bunny :) 


Lots of lovely crystals live with us and a variety of musical instruments that make beautiful sounds. We love the sound of the rain, birds, frogs, crickets and the wind through the trees. Nature and music is our happy place. 


Helping others find their own gifts, empowerment, positive transformation, and a settled heart brings me joy.  



I look forward to the opportunity of working with you.


Visit my links for detailed info on my services 

music  guided meditations  and live events


With Love, Light, and Blessings,




Eluv stretching upward

Seek to know the gifts in everything, and you shall receive more blessings than you have ever imagined ~Eluv

Small Buddha statue with candles
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