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Channeled Readings for People 

Eluv doing yoga


Joyful Upliftment


Seeing the big picture from the perspective of the soul. 


Helping you awaken the love that

stirs deep within you


Are you ready to step into your divine light?

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Psychic Medium (Intuitive)
& Channeler (Spirit Communicator)


I channel information in the form of “divine guidance” of the highest order, from angels, archangels, animals, intergalactic, ascended masters, and other spiritual realms with practical answers on personal growth, healing, career, relationships, strengthening your intuition, your next right move and more. These sessions assist with practical information to help guide you through any blocks that may be holding you back from moving forward in your life.



These sessions act like a bridge connecting you with your higher self to support you in transmuting past trauma and events, while helping you open up and expand your gifts, so you can live your highest purpose and potential with peace of mind.



These readings offer clarity to issues you may be struggling with or clarify answers to questions you may have. It has the potential to bring you renewed inspiration, along with clear focus and revitalized energy to move forward with confidence on your path. Often you will receive confirmation on feelings you have about a particular situation, which in turn helps to strengthen your faith and trust in your own abilities and intuition, helping you move forward with more grace, peace and harmony.



No matter what area you are experiencing issues, you can take back your power and move into a present filled with love, joy, awesome vitality, wellness, and live in alignment with your highest path and a peaceful heart.



A Channeled Reading combined with an Essential Oil, Flower Essence, or Akashic or Ancestral Clearing  

consultation provides strong support for change, transformation and healing.



As humans on this earth we are here to help each other. Everyone requires an objective point of view at some time or another. Together we can help each other be the best that we can be.



During these sessions recommendations may be suggested with your highest good in mind. Following recommendations brings additional support into your life of things you can do to help yourself. You always have free will. Many people find this an invaluable tool. Often these suggestions are very simple, easy to implement and will resonate in a way that will make sense to you.



Taking time to construct and write down your questions in specific format brings maximum benefit from a session. For example instead of asking, “when will I get a job?”, instead ask “What is blocking me from getting a job?” or Is there anything I can do in order to better align my energy with a new job? Sometimes things are working in the ether’s or on other planes before they become fully manifested.


Questions that bring focus on the concern in a very specific way also teach us to ask questions that will serve us in the highest way. Questions like “When will I meet the person of my dreams?” will not serve you the same as “Is there anything blocking me from meeting a partner?” or “what aspect of my life would be ideal to work on, in order to attract or align with a new partner?”



It is highly recommended not to drink any alcohol or take any mind-altering substances 24 hours prior to your session.

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