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Channeled Readings for Animals

Psychic Medium (Intuitive)
& Channeler (Spirit Communicator)
For Animal Companions


(All sessions are done Via Phone)


Connecting you with a deeper understanding and bridging the gap between you and your animal friend. Learn what the animals in your life are trying to tell you! Communicating & healing is not limited to humans. Telepathic/Intuitive or psychic communication is the way in which all non-human life communicates. Communicating intuitively with an animal means mentally sending and receiving thoughts, images and emotions. These provide insight into the individual animal from their perspective so you can understand how they are really feeling. 


Many animals have very strong feelings about their names, food, treats, owners, other pets, toys and yes, the list goes on. Ultimately, animals are here to teach us. Often these lessons are profound, providing blessings and gifts to us.  


Your animal companion does not need to be present during the session, they can also be sleeping or resting.


Prior to the session: 

A photo of your animal friend is required prior to the session. Important: Please send a photo of the animal only in the photo with eyes facing camera.


Please send most recent photo via email prior to your session, along with name and any nicknames you use.


Please let your animal friend know that Eluv with be speaking with them and asking some questions. Please give them permission to speak freely to me about everything. Let them know you wont be upset at them for doing so as you are wanting to help them. This supports your animal friend to feel safe to speak openly about anything they would like to share and also to get ready. Most often, they are so excited and have lots to say.



Please have a pen and paper handy to write down notes or suggestions during the session. A glass of water to sip on is also recommended.



Q: My animal has transitioned, can you still speak with them?

A: Yes I can communicate with animals in spirit form.


Q: How many questions may I ask during the session?

A: 30 Minute session = 5 or 6 questions

    1 Hour session = 6 or 7 questions

Q: What if I'm curious, but don't have anything specific to ask?

A: No problem, the session will unfold organically with any messages they have for you.



Examples of Questions for Animals:

Is my animal friend happy?

Does my animal friend like its name?

Does my animal friend like...?

Does my animal friend want a companion?

Is my animal friend ready to transition?

Does my animal friend want assistance with transitioning or do they want to transition naturally?

Where does my animal friend want to transition?

If an owner is ill or transitioning, does the animal have any messages for the owner, or requests or visa versa.

My animal friend is adopted, is there any information that I can learn that would explain why they act like………?

Is there anything I can do to help my animal friend with……?

Does my animal friend have any messages for me?


Eluv and horse
two dolphins in the water
Shanti Front Relaxing.jpg


Joyful Upliftment


Seeing the big picture from the perspective of the soul of the animal. 


Revealing soul lessons your animal

is here to assist you with.


I act as a bridge between you and your animal companion sharing insights to support a deeping of your relationship together.

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