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Joyful Upliftment

Seeing the big picture from the perspective of the soul. 

Helping you awaken the love that stirs within you

Are you ready to step into your divine light?

Psychic Medium (Intuitive)
& Channeler (Spirit Communicator)
Ancestral Clearing

for Personal Growth and Well Being


Ancestral Clearing is an effective technique to clear burden and limitation or any other negative patterns that are affecting physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and financial abundance. Ancestral Clearing assists in renewing and supporting coherence and increased harmony between the heart and mind.



  • Release family patterns that are interfering with abundant health and joy in your life

  • Reveal and dissolve core causes of negative patterns in your ancestral lineage

  • Remove known or unknown blocks and patterns existing in families for generations.


In Healing your ancestors' unresolved patterns, health issues, trauma, emotional issues, and limiting beliefs, it unbinds you from any energetic/genetic patterns that have invisibly connected you to them until this point in time. These invisible obstacles once dissolved, can open up infinite new possibilities in life, increased peace, joy and well-being.



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