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Everything Is Controlled By the Mind

The passage below comes from the Cloud of Jewels Sutra. It indicates that all phenomena are productions of mind and that everything is created by mind.

Ordinary beings allow the mind to wander at will, thus enmeshing them in confused and harmful thoughts, but bodhisattvas are advised to train the mind in order to bring it under control. All phenomena originate in the mind, and when the mind is fully known all phenomena are fully known. For by the mind the world is led…and through the mind karma is piled up, whether good or bad. The mind swings like a firebrand, the mind rears up like a wave, the mind burns like a forest fire, like a great flood the mind carries all things away. Bodhisattvas, thoroughly examining the nature of things, remain in ever-present mindfulness of the activity of the mind, and so do not fall into the mind’s power, but the mind comes under their control. And with the mind under their control, all phenomena are under their control.

In Mahayana Buddhism Bodhisattvas is a person who is able to reach nirvana but delays doing so out of compassion in order to save suffering beings.

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