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Release of our deepest sorrows

Dainty Bess Rose ~ Flower Essence

This flower essence gently supports us to bring deep griefs of sorrow, bitterness and disappointments to the surface and release these burdens, letting them go knowing the grace of an ever present light will dissolve them all away. This Rose works with an infinitely kind, soft and gentle touch so we never feel shame as we release these burdens. Instead she basks us in an experience of being profoundly loved, supported and nurtured.

At one point or another we all experience these powerful emotions. Because of the intensity of these emotions they are not always fully expressed, and often get buried into the energetic field without being fully released. The residuals of sorrow, bitterness and disappointments remaining can cause imbalances or illness in any area of the body, particularly affecting the lungs or large intestine.

The Lung governs the skin and hair and also governs the exterior Wei Qi (defensive energy~one part of immune system). The Lung is weakened by the emotion of grief, disappointment or sadness. Chronic sorrow disperses Qi and causes Lung Qi Deficiency. A properly functioning Lung organ will ensure good quality skin and hair and an immune system that is strong and able to fight disease. When the Lung is weak, skin conditions such as eczema, thin or brittle hair can show up, or a lowered immune system and increased vulnerability to catching colds and flu.

Releasing emotions that no longer serve is deeply healing. It frees up our energy so that we may empower and experience ourselves on a higher level.

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With Love, Light and Blessings


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