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5 ways to know if you are out of alignment

Have you been off track for so long that you don’t even know what it feels like to feel good, feel vibrant, healthy, balanced, in tune with your emotions and wellness, and in alignment? Collective consciousness (society) rewards those who go above and beyond, but there is a point where each of us needs to rest and rejuvenate in order to balance our energy system.

How do you know if you are out of alignment?

Here are a few tell-tale signs...

1) Work comes first (priorities causing imbalance over time)

You frequently ignore your need for rest, food, exercise and other self-care practices.

2) Out of touch with internal higher guidance

You ignore your intuition and forge ahead anyway even when your gut says no.

3) Staying distracted (from self)

You are constantly around others and don't take time alone to reflect or process your own emotions.

4) Putting others first sacrificing your own needs

You are always doing for others and do not take adequate time to nurture yourself. (fear you'll disappoint someone)

5) Not speaking your truth

You would rather not tell someone the truth for fear that it will upset them. (or a similar scenario)

Your emotions will let you know if you're in alignment.

Don't step into action if you don't feel good especially if its something important as you'll be taking that yukky energy into whatever you’re doing.

If you're working on something and you realize the slightest resistance, stop or pause and place your attention on something else that makes you feel good. Even if you are on a deadline. Move your body! get up and move, dance, hop, jump, climb stairs, anything! Movement signals “change” to the brain and gets you out of the circular thought pattern of frustration. Listening to music is a fast way to shift emotions and get back into alignment or balance. A diversion of a few minutes could save you hours of frustration down the line, and you'll be much more clear-minded upon your return. The simple act of stopping and moving is a powerful tool to help you recalibrate and switch out of a stuck place.

Avoid using deadlines as a way to punish yourself. Do you like to get a project finished ahead of time, or do you wait until the last minute? Certain types of people have brain chemistry that thrives on last-minute pressure and yes even clutter, they actually need clutter to think clearly, while others require order in their environment and knowing where everything is to think clearly. You could even be a mix, clutter in organized piles. Know your style and embrace it, love yourself for who you are at in this moment! You are not here to be like anyone else, you are here to be the truest and fullest expression of your authentic self.

To make a change, a new thought, perception, a new “why”, and a new action must take place. So instead of spending energy trying to “fix” something that is not working for you, replace it with a whole new positive something takes far less energy, and you move out of the “its broken-needs fixing” or “this is not working” cycle. The action of doing something new creates new neural pathways releasing feel-good chemicals in the brain. You'll create change with less struggle, and feel increased optimism about your efforts.

Guided meditations are a powerful and easy way to redirect your thoughts and energy...

A teacher came up to me at my last event and said he uses my guided meditation CD's every morning before he starts teaching. He mentioned it has given him a feeling of greater inner peace and mindfulness that he now brings into the classroom and shares energetically with his students. His practice of consistently doing this on a daily basis has built up his inner resources and his experience of increased positive feelings and thoughts now being his new normal. He is training his brain on a daily basis and the consistency of his practice is rewarding him generously.

You can find a selection of Guided Meditations and music for relaxation & stress relief HERE

In balance, perfection is not the goal, but rather the ability to react to adversity or being out of alignment with a positive attitude and flexibility.

Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind. ~ Bruce Lee

Life happens, change is constant...

Use your tools, try new things.

Love and take care of yourself

Blessings, Eluv

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