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Hitting reset and escaping from prison

On July 2nd, 2019, The Total Solar Eclipse - New Moon in Cancer is in the sign of the Great Mother, offering to nurture our inner child with an opportunity to return to a place of wholeness, innocence, and our highest true self. Cancer is a water sign - water represents emotions and intense feelings.

Eclipses bring completion to that which no longer serves our highest well being and opens the path to transformation and new beginnings.

Opening great sensitivities and unearthing issues held deeply encapsulated into the womb of our energy system, release, and rejuvenation of our core essence is fully supported and encouraged with the embrace of this motherly unconditional love energy.

All of our deepest shifts and transformations come through healing the wounds of our inner child. With the supportive mother energy of this new moon, tenderness of the heart and old wounds no longer serving, can be accessed gently yet powerfully, as this divine mother energy reassures with her loving embrace.

The mother reflects the divinely feminine inner wisdom in each of us, soft yet firm, understanding and forgiving, encouraging, guiding, infinitely strong and resourceful. This beautiful mother energy helps us to nurture and have more compassion for ourselves and for each other. This feminine inner wisdom, leads us gently through play and fun, as a fast track to a higher form of learning, moving through lessons, and living life with creative vigor and enjoyment.

The eclipse in the sign of Cancer may bring to the surface circumstances where you may not be nurturing or honoring your emotions. This includes relationships where boundaries have been crossed or not implemented. Situations may be amplified where you feel unloved, unwanted or unsupported emotionally, or find yourself harboring anger or resentment. Giving too much emotionally and not receiving, causes imbalances to be spotlighted.

“The first thing you need to know if you want to escape from prison…is that you are in prison." Withholding from emotional intimacy as a result of past hurts and unexpressed emotions is a form of emotional imprisonment which affects the body, mind, and spirit. Unresolved emotional issues, often ignored, run like a virus in the background of our own "hard drive", impeding the ease and optimal efficiency of our physical and emotional wellbeing.

You are fully supported to play your way to freedom, speak your deepest truth, and let go of that which is no longer serving you. It is up to all of us to determine how and where we shift to – more of the same or a new path to expansion?

Eclipses create extraordinary opportunities for rapid shifts, ending conflicts, the release of old wounds, unresolved ancestral history, and painful pasts.

This is an ideal time to reset and make a new fresh start. Allow yourself to feel & breathe into what your feeling. As you feel & breathe into the feeling, it transforms and will pass. (suppress it, and it stays stuck)

This New Moon Eclipse:

*Write your new goals on paper

*Stay in the moment

*Play more

*Be creative

*Be courageous

*Be gentle with yourself

*Be Patient

*Practice being aware of self-criticizing and judgments...Shift to loving kindness and self-acceptance.

*Honor your inner child...What does your inner child want today?

*Try something new and exciting

May this New Moon Eclipse bring you a renewed sense of well-being joy and freedom.

~With Love, Light and Blessings,


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