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Wisdom From The Dolphins

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

These beautiful messages were shared with me in meditation.

From the Dolphin Collective...

We are showing up and present in the energy field right now as many are deeply sad, lacking fun & joy in their daily lives. Life has gotten so that many miss the spark of happiness in everyday life.

We are here to remind you that joy is an aspect of love. Vibrationally, joy opens one to experience love to a greater degree. The unconditional love of self and others holds a high percentage of joy as a foundation.

Fun stimulates joy, yet many think fun is frivolous. Instead, seriousness dominates life, and life quickly becomes lackluster.

We cannot stress enough that the lack of fun in one's life quickly leads to feelings of darkness, dissatisfaction, and a veil of hopelessness that can increase stress or cause depression.

Humans are born with intrinsic joy and having fun is part of your nature until it is not. As children become adults, concerns with worldly aspects of life are necessary. However, the true essence of innocence and freedom often becomes forgotten. You have the accountability to have more fun & joy to help yourself, which inspires others around you to hold this uplifted vibration. It is like medicine prescribed to help humanity heal.

As Dolphins, we carry the frequency of joy, fun, and unconditional love to help you understand what this feels like so you can emulate this in your own life in any way that inspires and elevates you.

There has never been a more important time to incorporate joy and fun into your life. Many of you have lived life lacking joyful daily experiences for too long and have forgotten how important it is and how it can shift your life into a magical experience led by the wisdom of your heart.

We have some suggestions to incorporate more joy & fun into your life:

  • Being around and swimming with us, swimming in the oceans where we play, watching us in the wild, or seeing pictures of us in our natural habitat, is a fast, easy way to connect with the playful, fun energy we embody.

  • Carve out some time to play in nature with friends or your animal companions.

  • Make time in your day to do something joyful that opens your heart. Be creative with this.

  • Listen to uplifting, fun music and move your body! Movement is an effective way to quickly shift your energy and assimilate or incorporate new energy.

  • Be silly, connect with your inner child and play.

  • Make any sounds that come to you, be free and unfiltered, laugh several times at the end of this.

  • Look for humor in all situations. This helps to lighten your perspective and shift from a stubborn or stuck point of view.

  • Take time to "smell the roses"; See the beauty in everything around you several times daily.

  • Feel your heart swell with gratitude several times a day!

  • Spend time around children, or connect with your inner child and play, play, play. Gardening and digging in the dirt can feel like play, drawing, or dancing. There are so many ways to play.

  • Play board games or other fun outdoor activities with friends.

  • Smile through difficult emotions, feel them, and let them swim through you with a smile.

  • Be gentle with yourself. Have compassion and understand that you are doing the best you can.

  • Go with the flow. Everything is happening in the only way it can. How do you know? Because it's happening or has happened! If something else was meant to happen, it would have.

  • Swim through life coming from your heart with kindness in all you do and say. Shower your actions with love and compassion even through difficult situations.

  • Don't take things personally. Things may feel so personal; however, remember people act through the lens and layers of their own experiences. The more layers of unhealed hurt or woundedness, the more intense interactions with another can be activated. Seeing and acting towards others through a compassionate heart helps move one into the experience of unconditional love and loving detachment.

  • We invite you to swim into your daily life with more fun, joy, and inner peace. ~ We send you all love... You are loved ~ The Dolphin Collective

Gratitude, Blessings, Love & Light ~ Eluv

"Opening to Joy"

Music & Meditations by Eluv

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